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fields of the region and the peace process. overall, president obama sets the right tone this week during this, his first trip to israel since taking office. but there's certainly a lot of hard work ahead, if he hopes to make any real inroads towards peace and deal with huge dangers in the region now. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is standing by, and john king are joining us from amman, jordan, where the president wrapped up his trip. he has done well in jordan, now the hard work begins. where do we go from here? >> reporter: the white house feels he accomplished what they set out as his primary goal, which was to reconnect with the israeli people and convince them that he understands where they're coming from on the primary security issues. the big question as you point out, can this lead to real accomplishments, that would be on the peace front with palestinians, simply too many questions that remain outstanding when it comes to settlements and exchange of prisoners, other major issues that the arab world and palestinians are unsatisfied with. and syria, iran, these
, china's exchange rate controls sigh better spying and president obama leaves tonight for israel. no major policy breakthroughs are expected. this is the president's first visit to the west bank since moving into the white house. i think he was there maybe before becoming president. >>> why don't we take a look at the markets this morning. down day, up day, down day, futures are barely budging. dow futures up by less than 2 points. s&p futures up by less than one point. yesterday, it was the biggest losses. financials led the decline all day long, but in the afternoon selling picked up in energy stocks, materials, consumer discretionaries. if you're watching oil prices this morning, you'll see at least at this point they are down by 16 cents, 93.58. the ten-year notoriety now is yielding 1.942%. let's take a look at the dollar this morning. you'll see it stronger against through at 1 is.2933. the dollar/yen is 95.35. the dollar up across theed board, except weaker against the pound right now. gold price ves barely budged a little weaker, down 2.60. $1,602 an ounce. >> it's now ti
. >>> welcome >>> welcome back. we're looking at a live picture from tel aviv. president obama just landed there for the start of a three-day visit to israel. first time he's been there as president. that's a beautiful, beautiful 747. >> do you see that smaller plane on the left. that's one of ours or one of theirs? >> it has the same colors. i don't know. did i see stars and stripes on it. there's probably enough people going with him they need -- 747 -- i don't know. >> there are a lot of people. look at equity futures at this hour. green arrows across the board. dow opened 53 points higher. we'll watch shares of home builder lennar today. 11 cents above estimate. revenue also above consensus. new orders jumped 34% over a year ago with home deliveries up 28% and backlog up 82%. >> in other news this morning, south korean police are investigating a hacking attack on an internet provider that brought down the servers of three broadcasters and two major banks. the army raised its alert level due to concerns. who do you think would be involved? yeah. north korea. >> dennis rodman's favorite
, governor cuomo of colorado. so i'm excited. >> are never going to complain. >> part of barack obama's appeal was young and vibrant. [inaudible] [laughter] >> in presidential politics -- as the country moves to a next generation of readership, they rarely if ever reach back and bring in an older generation. to a certain extent that was a factor for senator mccain in running against president obama in part the effect of governor romney right now and that is an interesting dynamic answers out of the two most likely nominees are going to be on the democratic side. there's a lot of pressure leadership in the republican party that will bring about a generational change that will be very hoped we. marco rubio, paul ryan, alisa to, bobby jindal. a very clear shift moving forward. one other thing is his numbers have been rising pretty dramatically and i'm pretty sure 50% is not upside down and i suspect to see that with governors as well. >> comcast chairman and ceo brian roberts spoke at the economic club of washington. robert sarver founded comcast in 1963 feet condition for the future of
overwhelmingly passed the largely symbolic appeal of the tax. that helps to fund president obama's 2012 health care law. the senate voted on the tax but the resolution is not binding and it will not change the levy. so they get to say we voted to repeal it even though it doesn't actually repeal it. >> you said dumping duties? >> i said anti-dumping duties, actually. >> dumping duties. let's check on duties. >> d-u-t-i-e-s. >> okay. let's check on markets. i saw them early, even though -- >> duties? >> duties. kyle, you're still doing that, right? >> duties? yes. he doesn't call it that. >> oh, yeah, lots of them. you want a healthy -- you know? it's a growing boy. he's a big, strapping kid. >> he's got it. >> futures indicated higher even though europe is lower, up 13 points or so. not a great day yesterday. we lost about 90 on points. there's what's happening in crude this morning, up 21 cents a share -- or 21 cents a barrel. treasuries, 1 is.9%. i would have been watching grass dry for the last year or two and there's the dollar. 12.29 on europe. and then, you know, you would figure gold mig
more than a year since president obama ended war in iraq bringing the u.s. troops home. with little influence left in that war-torn country trying to rebuild the secretary is having trouble urging iraq's leaders to stop aiding iran and allowing the overflights of iran, what we believe to be weapons, ammunitions over to syria. the iranians are using iraqi airspace to make that happen. john kerry wants it to stop. how did he do? joining me now a man who fought in that war, c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america, pete hegseth. how much leverage does the skraeufrt have? >> not very much. you might say that this is our chickens coming home to roost. when you don't follow through and don't have influence and don't have a relationship then the prime minister of iraq is more likely to hedge towards iran and his neighbors to the east than he is to help us because we don't have that influence. the folks we have left in baghdad don't have a mandate to operate. john kerry shows up asking for a favor and he can't get one. >>brian: he can't get one because they don't need us right now. but they
, the secretary's sixth trip since president obama's first term, but really the most acrimonious atmosphere to walk in, still the hangover of secretary of defense chuck hagel's trip here, in which president karzai intimated that, in fact, the u.s. had been working with the taliban in some way. we have as we landed received news that the handover of the facility has finally been completed. that will remove one of the thorns in the side of this relationship. and there has been a recent agreement to change force structures in wardak province. that's also been contentious. there will be a meeting between hamid karzai and john kerry. the two having met for a number of occasions before, and said to have a good pornal relationship. but i can't really stress what an awkward time this has been for the united states and how much a mission, really, john kerry has to try and patch this relationship up. >> an awkward time it is. nick paton walsh in kabul in afghanistan where secretary of state john kerry just landed. he will be trying to smooth over some of those tensions with the afghan president hamid
. >>> president obama has designated five new national monument using executive authority to protect significant sites. the sites rerio grand in new mexico first estate national monument in delaware, harriet tubman in mment -- the president signed five proclamationing designating the site under the anticity act. coming up on c-span2, a house appropriations subcommittee looks in to agricultural department spending. then ""the communicators" with a fcc commissioner robert mcdowell. and at 8:30 eastern, we begin a week of booktv prime time. tonight three books on u.s. innovation. the nation east highest court is holding oral arguments on two gay marriage cases. tickets to the two argument are technically free. the first people got in line thursday. the going rate for saving a seat is around $6 ,000. the couple of weeks ago director explained why it's drawing such interest. here's a importance of what he had -- portion of what he had to say. >> do you think that will -- are you optimistic about what the supreme court will do? >> i am. you obviously never know when a case is in front of the supreme c
want and you actually expect bill clinton it's not president obama to say. but privately he is grousing. do you see in the 50's a man that is at war with himself over what he believes? >> i can see that. one of the most interesting things following this thread of mixing and civil rights, i mentioned the trip to africa and 67, and that's where we met martin luther king, dr. martin luther king who was 28-years-old at the time and nixon they've really got along. particularly trying to see nixon to lobby for the administration you wanted to get to eisenhower. they said sure, come and see me. they met in washington at the office and they stayed in touch regularly. and king really felt they had a correspondence he was really admired pity and he had a good sensitivity about this. the one black man and eisenhower's white house salmon named fred mauro and he wrote a book called a black book in the white house and he felt completely sort of alienated. people he felt prejudice but he felt -- he said fred i don't think you should always be talking about job issues that affect black people. i think
to transport patients to area hospitals. the white house says president obama was immediately briefed on the incident. >> "the president's thoughts and prayers go to the families of those who were lost and to those who are injured. we're obviously in the early stages of assessing the incident. it's a tragedy, clearly." >> the army depot is used for storing ammunition and weapon stocks set to be deactivated. it's also used by military units for high desert trainingfore deployment overseas. the marines involved were based at camp lejeune, n.c. while the investigation continues, the military is holding off on using any of the mortars from the same manufacturing lot as the ones that were used at the nevada base. >> catherine: while not unexpected, a huge blow today for advocates of gun control. senate majority leader harry reid says a ban on assault weapons will not be a part of a gun control package he brings to the senate floor for debate. kron 4's dan kerman is here with what this means and why gun control advocates still have hope. >> reporter: harry reid says there is just not enough
jordan deal with those refugees. president obama and jordan's king held a joint news cothe king called the president an old friend and welcomed him and the usthe two world leaders held private talks with each other before taking questions from the media. syria was their main topic. right now, that country's civil war has pushed about 460-thousand refugees across jordan's borders. abdullah says that number will probably double by the end of the year. the president says he will 200-million dollars in aid to help jordan deal with israeli prime minister apologized to turkey for a deadly raid on a flotilla, three years ago. that raid is seen in this video released at the time forces. eight turkish activists were killed when commandoes stormed the ship-- which was attempting to carry aid to gaza. turkey's prime minister has accepted the apology. this marine that worked at this candid it school shot and killed two other marines a man and woman and then killed himself. the body was found late last night and the other two bodies were found later. >> if you are enjoying that spring sunshine when
questions you have. >> thank you, mr. director. i share your concern. until congress and the obama administration, together to do something bold like the simpson- bowles commission, this will continue. domestic discretionary accounts are being squeezed. entitlements are rising. you make a powerful case against sequestration on friday, received a reprogramming a request from the eternal -- attorney general moving funds, including fbi funds to the bureau of prisons. we are going to approve that. you have had one prison guard killed. you had another commit suicide i think because of the death. how are you planning to function at reduced funding levels for this year? >> we are cutting back across the board. we have a hiring freeze. by the end of this fiscal year, we will have 2200 opened vacant positions. we delayed i.t. upgrades, which are expensive, but tremendously important. that includes putting off, picking up technology that would assist us in detecting cyber attacks. we reduced or eliminated operational training and travel across the board. that is in an effort to make certain
of the brave. >> the author of spin masters how they ignore the real news and held reelected for barack obama. >> you had a great number of things. the stories about the economy and stories about foreign policy etc.. what prompted me to write spin masters though is the benghazi attack and the days that followed. it became clear that the political news media rather than focusing on the story of foreign-policy failure and a president who had promised reproach along with the muslim world and was failing to produce it said
to a presidential race for the countries that we are tired of this war. neither gov. romney nor president obama to their mutual credit talked about accelerating the drop down just to get the heck out. we went through all of 2012 with no major speech by the president or governor romney about how we should hurry up our departure. if you look at our history, whether it's with the middle east, korea, taiwan, we spent decades supporting young democracy that were not always doing that well anomalies that impressive. we recognized we had security interests. it took south korea for decades to get to the point of a legitimate election and we stood by them all time. if we have our security interests engaged in seat gradual progress and the partner countries, we americans are capable of doing what i consider the right thing in sticking with it. into not talk ourselves doing something for our long term interest before we even try. >> i agree with all that mike has said. the point made other post- conflict societies where we have had a long-term presence, because of the staying power, we toe these societies
is going nowhere in congress. president obama is trying to save the rest of his legislation to stop gun violence with help from michael bloomberg. >> reporter: he's the mayor of new york's largest city. he has the ear of the president on immigration and gun control. he has something many other big city mayors don't -- a personal fortune he's willing to spend. today, pouring $12 million into two commercials supporting background checks for all gun purchases. they'll air in 13 key states from arizona to pennsylvania, where bloomberg believes senators are on the fence. >> i believe in the second amendment, i'll fight to protect it. with rights come responsibilities. that's why i support comprehensive background checks. >> reporter: on his weekly radio show mayor boom burg said he knows he has public support. >> recent polls show 90% of americans support criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. >> reporter: a second commercial called family tries to reassure gun owners that -- >> they have nothing to do with taking guns away from anyone. >> reporter: but the nra opposes the n
minute. in jerusalem president obama says the u.s. will stand by israel as his strongest ally and greatest friend. the president meeting with israeli leaders on this first trip to israel since taking office. other stuff scheduled during the trip including jordan. 58-year-old was murdered last night when he answered the front door of his home near colorado springs. he has led the states prison system for two years. colorado governor has signed a package of gun-control bills requiring background checks and banning the sale of magazines with more than 15 rounds. colorado is the state where the next 99 columbine high school massacre and last year's aurora, colorado, movie theater massacre occurred. back to melissa and lori. melissa: thank you so much. corporate it departments have new cause for concern after several south korean banks and tv broadcasters fell victim to cyber attacks earlier this morning. our own shibani joshi has details and who may be responsible. melissa: a pretty scary story because it is yet another example of a major cyber attack another report of it. not on
there on this issue. hillary clinton said it herself in the clip you played. and certainly president obama was moved as he said by his daughters and his wife. so i would imagine that the former president and chelsea had an influence on where the secretary ended up, as well. >> brian, last question. just you and me and a couple people watching. are there any more big named announcements in the works for you? >> well, we've seen seen a lot of really exciting developments on the issue of marriage. >> folks like -- >> you know, you never know who the next person will be. but i'm sure we'll be hearing from more people in the coming days and weeks. >> i tried. brian, thank you so much. appreciate it. >>> new york mayor michael bloomberg is proposing yet another health initiative. this one would require stores to keep tobacco products hidden in cabinets behind curtains, under the counter. this idea comes one week after the judge struck down bloomberg's ban on sugary drink containers bigger than 16 ounces. mi mayor bloomberg will be jake tapp tapper's guest at 4:00. >>> let's just say you have been charged
. the spokesman says the blast did not happen near any locations where ammunition is stored. >>> president obama leaves tonight on the first overseas trip of his second term. he's heading to the middle east for meetings in israel, the west bank and jordan as well. israel is the first leg of his trip and it's the first time the president is visiting israel since he took office. one of the key topics of the discussion was israeli leaders how to contain iran's growing nuclear program. that trip again starts tonight. soledad? >> all right. well let's take a look now if we can i think we've been watching the pope as he's been doing these individual greetings of many of the the honored guests who have come and the heads of state who have come to, to pay homage to him. we are expecting to see the lead of the u.s. delegation, the vice president joe biden, a catholic, and his first catholic to serve as vice president we're expecting to see him in just a moment, have his opportunity to, to greet the, the pope. >> vice president joe biden, the great american political improviser and pope francis known as a
marco is her sole witness in 2009 president obama designated mr. demarco as acting director of the finance agency, regulator fannie mae, freddie mac and the 12 federal thanks. mr. demarco is a civil servant with over 20 years of housing how was the experience, including stints at gao, treasury and au fait o. he holds both a ba and a phd in economics. without objection, mr. demarco's full written statement will be made part of the record after his oral remarks. members are advised that mr. demarco will be excused as her witness at 12:30 today. welcome to our committee again. you are recognized for a summary of your testimony at this time. >> thank you, mr. chairman. chairman has to latecomer it could number waters, and please to be here to testify. i submitted a detailed statement of work to engage in activist is the two essays on important topics discussed. fannie mae and freddie mac were the enterprises and conservatorship for 4.5 years. they were never intended -- [inaudible] >> the committee will come to order. one morning and he will be cleared. we look at the capitol police. require a
be joining it. i mean, i think you've seen amazing things come from our president barack obama. you know, the first place he went to when he was re-elected was twitter, you know, posting a picture of himself and his wife. i think that's -- that's amazing, that's huge. >> right. drew, we're going to leave it there. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> and we'll be right back. this is cn cnbhursday morning. stay with us. ♪ [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ engine revs ] (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to.
to help finance the national health care law in the early part of the obama administration. the reason it's spring training is that budget resolutions themselves are not lost. so these are not binding votes, but they're a way to test sent ims for what they make later on and that's what we're seeing on the online sales tax situation. 48 states already have laws on the books requiring online retailers to collect state sales tax, but those laws are often ignored and you have a bill that has some bipartisan support that would require all states to collect those taxes. if split, the big box brick and mortar retailers from online sellers and it's also split some of the online community. amazon is supporting this, but ebay is against it. they're looking for a carveout for their business model. so what we're going to see is does this effort to collect these taxes have more than 60 votes? if it does, that's going give momentum to this cause later on in the congress, maybe give a push to the effort in the house although it's going to run into the difficult anti-tax sentiment in the house among repu
it back to you, don. >> thank you to christopher and renee marsh. >>> other news, president barack obama wrapping up his tour of the middle east before arriving in jordan. the president closed a three-day visit to israel with a solemn visit to the holocaust museum, reaffirming the jewish state's right to exist. he then met with jordan's king abdullah, promising 200million in aid to help the country as it struggles with a syrian refugee crisis. he also talked expectations for peace in the middle east. >> this was a trip to make sure i'm doing my homework. we set expectations low, precisely because there has been a lot of talk over decades, but it hasn't produced the results that everybody wants to see. let me listen to the parties first. >> straight to cnn's john king who is in amman, jordan. john, what is the most important agenda item in jordan for the president? >> reporter: don, the most important item is that aid you mentioned. jordan is being overwhelmed, swamped by refugees from syria coming in, several thousand a day, approaching the half million mark here. this country's economy
, the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld that decision. president obama's justice department submitted an amicus brief last month urging the court to overturn prop 8 saying the president and attorney general have determined the classification based on sexual orientation should be subjected to heightened scrutiny for equal protection. on wednesday, the court will hear united states v. windsor, challenge of the defense of marriage act. whether section 3 of doma, defines marriages between a man and a woman, violates the 5th amendment guaranteed of equal protection under the law is applied to persons of the same sex who are legally married under laws of their state. in short, can the federal government deny gay married couples access hundreds of federal benefits that come with marriage? former president bill clinton signed doma into law 17 years ago. in an op-ed earlier this month he said he was wrong. when i signed the billy included a statement with the admonition that enactment of the legislation should not despite the fierce and at time divisive rhetoric surrounding it understood to pr
of mava group and ceo. he's also a former obama task force senior member. you have done a lot of restructuring. the more i found out about cyprus the harder it is for me with a broad brush to detect others in europe. there are some countries that exist. it's treated better in a tax preferred way. it earns a return. i guess even switzerland to some extent is like that. what's the other one that's big? >> latvia. but what we think about with the issues in europe with the labor -- they need some structural reform long term. it's an entitlement state. they promised him. this is a totally different situation. this is a bunch of rich russians that went in there to try to sort of game the system. they found out there was a lot of investment in greek bond. so they're losing this money. why is this something that should bring down europe? >> i don't think it would be. it wasn't the russian flown that overinflated the system. it was that they invested in bad assets. >> you're greek, too. >> i am. today is greek independence day. it's a great day. >> you know a lot about this whole situa
to afghanistan since president obama's first term began. but it is his first trip there as secretary of state. yesterday, secretary kerry was in iraq meeting with iraqi president nuri al maliki. >>> so, other news, have you checked your bracket this morning? if you did, i bet you didn't have florida coast -- florida gulf coast in the sweet 16. andy scholes joins us now with the bleacher report. good morning, andy. >> good morning, guys. if anyone had the eagles winning two games in their bracket, it's probably a good chance they attend school at florida gulf coast because yesterday the eagles did something no one has ever done that's make the sweet 16 as a 15 seed. it's their second year of being eligible for the tournament. florida gulf coast is making it look easy out there. they went on a 17-0 run in the second half to cruise past san diego state 81-71. the eagles now head to north texas where they will take on their home state traditional powerhouse, the florida gators in the sweet 16. tournament almost lost two more high seeds yesterday. ohio state's aaron craft rescued the buckeyes with
bay, the temperature is warming to the mid-60s or pat obama, and about 63, net was 70 once again. hours 60s for downtown san francisco and berkeley is 64. 59 san bruno, 56 ocean and city ocean beach rather. 7 day around the bay forecast shows tomorrow still dry, maybe it's the morning fog. wednesday, maybe a sprinkle. it will be very light. there's a dry, for friday. saturday and sunday, still several days out but we could see someone settled weather for easter. we will keep you posted on that. we'll have a better idea for you later in the week. >> we will be right back with an update on our amber alert.
pelosi and it used to be barack obama. you can use all the scary liberal names, but the reality on the ground, police who don't tend to vote democratic, even police are in favor of what the mayors are suggesting. michael bloomberg maying t be t face, but he's speaking for mayors there cleveland, from detroit, from indianapolis. mayors who are saying i need a different way for congress to respond to this particular problem. so i don't think the fact that bloomberg's name is on it won't cause problems. it might raise attention toward the issue. >> patrick, more than one police chief, they're all for background checks. the nra is fighting back against these ads dollar for dollar. so do you think it's just a little nervous? >> i don't know who is more nervous. if there was such an overwhelming public ground swell of support for this type of thing, bloomberg wouldn't be worried about putting these ads. the other thing is that people keep demonizing the nra and wayne lapierre and i'll be the first to admit that wayne lapierre post-sandy hook speech was a rhetorical train wreck. but th
? >>> america's immigration system is broken. these are words from president obama today, while welcoming 28 new american citizens at a white house naturalization ceremony. the president went on to say, time to work out the courage to do what's right. he called on congress to start fixing the country's broken immigration system. >> if he we want to keep attracting the best and the brightest that the world has to offer, we have to do a better job of welcoming them. we have known for years our immigration system is broken, that we're not doing enough to harness the talent and ingenuity of all those who want to work hard and find a place here in america. and after avoiding the problem for years, the time has come to fix it once and for all. the time has come for a comprehensive immigration reform. >> and the president says he wants to sign a new bill into law as soon as possible. >>> meantime, secretary of state john kerry has dropped into afghanistan, unannounced. he's there to smooth over relations with president hamid karzai, who recently accused the united states of colluding with the taliban.
precludes the statute you refer to? >> look. says therhetoric position that president obama is akin to year ago racial bigotry. look. we know how to deal with racial bigot in this country. deprive them and of all sorts of opportunities. that is the path of which things will be headed quite quickly. we welcome that. and not be good for the country. of aere is a declaration fundamental constitutional right to marry a person of the same- sex. --20 talk about the analogy, can you talk about the analogy? >> the change a popular opinion will have on the justices. you have one hypothesis is that the election returns. that is a cliche. they will be comforted by the fact that they're not getting too far ahead the american people. then you have the alternative which is being strongly argued by the other side. this is just a moment not to get involved. way you can tell what will affect which the justice which way. in terms of the roe v wade specter out there and the thision of continued war, is backed up empirically. these issues are fundamentally different in that because unlike abortion, and there i
time that president obama has visited that country as president. among the discussions for israel's leaders, how to contain iran's growing nuclear program. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. >> a former army officer arrested and facing 20 years in prison. the justice department says benjamin bishop shared classified nuclear defense information with a young chinese woman living in hawaii on a visa. prosecutors say she does not have security clearance and isn't allowed to see those documents. bishop had been working for a defense contractor as a civilian employee. >>> sad news to report right now. the miami heat have won 23 games in a row. the second longest winning streak in nba history. they kept their streak alive with a victory over the celtics. celtics did not have kevin garnett. this was not a fair fight. still 23 wins is impressive. lebron james and company have a long time to go to break the all-time record held by the lakers, they won 33 straight games. >> really feeling for you. >> soledad o'brien who apparently feels a kinship to the miami heat. >> i
as possible. i brought this because in this big law, the obama health law, our programs for the cdc to hand out $100 million a year for things like instant recess videos so people can get up in the middle of their workday and dance for ten minutes. that should not be the priority of the centers for disease control and prevention when we're facing a potential hospital plague. >> steve: a lot of people didn't know about the cre so next time you go to the hospital, nothing says i love you quite like lysol. >> bleach. >> steve: always a pleasure. >> brian: i cannot wait to explore this instant recess. it will be fantastic when i get up and dance. >> instead of making our hospitals safe. let's make our priorities safe. >> brian: coming up on this show, our priority is this, atheists claim this picture of jesus is unconstitutional because it's hanging in a school. the school says that it's protected by free speech. who is right? we'll debate it. >> steve: my grandma used to have this picture on her whole. a guy who finds a phone on the sidewalk. does he return it? would you? anna kooiman looks li
sick. and this incredible expense. >> reporter: after president obama declared the law unconstitutional, republicans came in though defend doma. the case comes in a different political climate than four years ago when prop 8 became law. an example, yesterday republican adviser karl rove said in the next election he could see pub one of the republican candidates favoring same-sex marriage. >> we will be covering a lot next week. thank you very much. >>> an apology from the irs over a training video that parodied star trek and paid for by taxpayer money. kelly o'donnell is in washington with more on that story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, anytime your tax money is wasted, it's frustrating but especially so when it is the irs that's accused of poor judgment. a congressional committee found this star trek spoof didn't have any training value in it at all. to boldly go hollywood. ♪ the irs spent $60,000. >> captain log. >> reporter: making two videos including this elaborate "star trek" parody. >> sorry about the uniforms, the dry cleaner gave us the wrong order.
that the israeli government is interested in occupying iran and i don't think the obama administration wants to do so. it seems that the strategy, if there is one, is to make some kind of surgical strike to knock out the iranian nuclear capacity. and i'm just curious, is that possible or is that an example of faith-based strategy lacks and for the general in particular, in that you have raised the importance of understanding how the opponent is going to respond, what is the likely spot of the iranians to what is, what we hope to be a surgical strike such as the israeli delivered on iraq? >> i think we got it. why do they deal with iraq and iran, and there's another issue, which i want to address. on iraq, the question is for some, who bears responsibility? i think the answer is very obvious, we do. we started the war. the iraqis didn't attack us. we went in. some may feel for legitimate reasons, others may feel for dubious reasons. some like myself feel for fraudulent reasons. but in any case the fact is we started it so we are responsible for what happened. i wish we had done better, even though
there through direct deposit. >>> you can see president barack obama greeting the leaders there and he says he wants to make clear to the world that the u.s. stands with israel and coming up at 5:15 a hot topic which is expected to dominate his talks with israel today. >>> they may have been exposed to a chemical which is linked to cancer and birth defects. more than 1,000 employees work in two buildings where there are unsafe levels of it. c e.since january. it holds a toxic waste site and pregnant women have more of a chance after being exposed to giving birth to babies with birth defects. >>> later the group fs city are going to announce a partnership with a project called homeless connect. the 3 5,000 tech workers are being encouraged to donate their time and job training services and their money to urging the fda to require the amount of caffeine to the put on the label. five deaths have been linked to the drinks and the company that makes the drinks say it is safe. >>> they have linked obesity to sugary drinks and the number comes from the american
.s. president obama last month that he would see to the quick relocation of the air station. >>> here's our three day world weather forecast. vlg that concludes this edition of "newsline." thank you for join us.
, bitter conflict based on falsehoods and hyperbole. it took president obama fulfilling his campaign promise to end the iraq war and we are grateful that he brought the war to an end. but we must not forget how we got into the war in the first place. so that these mistakes are not repeated. we were told there were weapons of mass destruction. we were warned about mushroom clouds. now i offered an amendment at the time that would have taken us down a different path. it would have required the united states to work through the united nations inspectors and maximizing diplomacy to determine whether or not iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. unfortunately my amendment failed by a vote of 72-355. what happened from there we all know the tragic consequences. president bush dragged this country into an unnecessary war. no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. the cost of the iraq war soared far beyond what was projected. we lost 4,400 american troops in iraq and over 32,000 were wounded, not to mention iraqis. once the war started, many of us in congress quickly organize
so. and we must support president obama and senator finestien comprehensive effort to reform the gun laws, i support state and federal effort to keep the weapons off of our streets and out of our homes. i have directed our city agencies and law enforcement officials to move towards plans of action, to prioritize and create solutions that impact policy changes and take aggressive actions against the moment egregious types of gun violence and we are working hard and making more plans for more deeper, more wider gun buy back programs and events that will take place later this year. but no single mayor can stop gun violence alone. if we work together, as a city, as a community, as a region, as a state, and now, as importantly as a nation, if we work together as a nation, we can make real impact. forget the polls. forget the politics. forget the threats of this lobbying group or that lobbying group. we are doing what is necessary and what is the right thing to do. and we are not going to make any excuses for why we can't get it done. it is time to take a stand and it is time to stand for
or obama administration, all of them are guilty. and the reason they're guilty is because we aren't raising the questions. so i'd ask my colleagues, you're going to get a vote on a lot of this stuff, a lot of my amendments have bipartisan support, but we're going to vote, you get to vote on whether you think we ought to eliminate duplication. you'll have 17 separate votes on that. i'll try to wind those into two votes. vote against fixing it and then go home and tell americans you want to raise their taxes a trillion dollars. the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired. mr. coburn: and you do not want to eliminate the stupidity going on in washington. i thank the chairman and the ranking member for the time. the presiding officer: the senator from virginia. mr. warner: i just want to take one moment before i yield time to the senator from delaware to --. the presiding officer: there will be no expressions from the gallery. mr. warner: i commend my friend, the senator from oklahoma, who has made this a passion. i would acknowledge this is a challenge that transfers between administ
of president obama and this senate -- and i have to compliment my colleague senator feinstein and my former colleague senator snowe who in a bipartisan way moved us toward fuel efficiency. and this president helped us and led the way. and we are moving up toward 50 miles per gallon fuel efficiency, and that is going to really help us. but we have to do more. we have to do more because the health costs associated with climate change are heartbreaking and expensive. taking steps to reduce carbon pollution will lower our doctors' bills. when we don't have kids wheezing and gasping for air. the evidence is clear, climate change is a public health threat. now we have moved before when we've seen threats to public health. we did it on cigarettes. i was here when the congress voted to ban smoking on airplanes. let me tell you, that was a hard vote. we had all the money of the cigarette tobacco companies against us. and i want to compliment senators lautenberg and durbin. senator durbin was in the house. senator lautenberg -- this is a long time ago. but i can tell you what it was like, because i d
. barrasso: president obama set forth the goal of doubling our exports in five years. three years later we are not on the pace to achieve that gel. one problem is the e.p.a. is blocking exports. e.p.a. is blocking exports on account of the greenhouse gas eations. those exports would produce outside the united states. that is, after they leave our shores. this is a dangerous precedent. it will hurt exports of automobiles, aircraft, and heavy equipment such as tractors. these amendments prohibits federal agencies from blocking exports on account of greenhouse gas emissions. those exports would produce after they leave the united states. i ask for the yeas and nays. mrs. murray: mr. president? the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be a sufficient second. the senator from washington. mrs. murray: before we go to the yeas and nays, can i just say, in setting an example for the evening, i will be less than one minute. we believe this is current law. we will accept a voice vote. the presiding officer: the yeas and nays were already ordered on this amendment. does t
of an amendment of mine, amendment number 6. my amendment would hold the obama administration accountable for its recent decision to release more than 2,000 undocumented immigrants from detention centers across the country in the past month. the u.s. immigration and custom enforcement claimed they were releasing these people because it needed to reduce its average daily detention population of about 34,000 people. this is a congressionally mandated requirement. they claim they had to reduce the detention population for budgetary reasons. week after week agents were tasked to release so many individuals. at first the department of homeland security claimed that it only released a few hundred people. however, last week the director of immigration and customs enforcement admitted that the administration had misled the american people by confessing that over 2,200 aliens were actually released. they continue to stand by the excuse that budget cuts were the reason for releasing these individuals. simply blaming budget reduction as a means to turn a blind eye towards national security of the american p
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